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21 June 2020

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How to prepare for your appointment

How to prepare for your appointment

How to prepare for your appointment

• If you suspect you have COVID symptoms, please rebook your appointment.
• Wear masks are recommended.
• Attend appointments unaccompanied is recommended unless accompaniment is necessary. The companions must fill out the screening survey with updates contact info.
• Fill out Patient screening survey before your appointment (survey will email to you 4 hours before your appointment)
• Clients should attend appointments unaccompanied unless accompaniment is necessary, the companions must fill out the screening survey by registered in our system.

Arrival and Departure

• Please wait in your car if you arrive more than 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled time
• Clients are recommended to complete hand hygiene upon arrival and prior departure of our clinic.

The government regulations state that everyone must practice social distancing, wash hands often, stay home if unwell. Our no-show and cancellation policies still apply. To cancel or reschedule, please give 24 hours’ notice. Of course, if you wake up feeling ill on the day of your appointment, these policies do not apply! Stay home and take care of yourself! We are expecting that some of this process might change over the next few weeks. We will do everything we can to make this as easy as possible for you while also prioritizing your health and safety.
Until we see each other again, be well!

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