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04 July 2021

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Digestive Problems in Acupuncture

Digestive Problems in Acupuncture

The Foot YangMing Stomach Meridian is an important acupuncture channel related to the digestive problems in the body

The meridian starting from the head, passing through the neck, chest, abdomen, lower limbs and ended in the second toe. When digestive problems in the stomach meridian system signs such as fatigue, lack of vitality. The skin looks dull and yellow. The Lips are easy to get a cold sore, crack with vertical wrinkles. Ones would also experience weak voice, lack of energy, hesitation, depression, often distress. In addition, one may crave sweets or maybe eat often. Because of the abnormality of the stomach meridian/system, one may often be troubled by unexplained headaches. Symptoms such as anterior head and eye pain, weakness and numbness of feet, nasal congestion, sore throat, and abdominal distension may result. Learn more

How to prevent digestive problem in Acupuncture

In terms of acupuncture theory, there are many ways to maintain the good function of the digestive system. The most important point, and the most easily overlooked point by urbanites, is to eat breakfast on time! In this age of pursuit of instant, eating breakfast seems to be just an option. In the meridian system, the Foot Yangming Stomach Meridian rules our digestive system, and this system is like a mobile phone that needs to be charged regularly. The “regularly” mentioned here refers to the period from 7 am to 9 am time. This time is the “charging time” of our digestive system. Only when we eat between this time will provide the most valuable nutrition to our body.

What food is not good for the digestive problem

Of course, what food you eat is also very important. Don’t eat raw or cold food in the morning, especially raw juice and smoothies, which will burden the digestive system in most cases. Imagine that the stomach is like a bag full of food that needs to be digested and emptied. After a night, it will be in a natural contraction state. We all know the principle of cold contraction and heat expansion. If we eat ice-cold juice or smoothies, the stomach will not expand but will continue to contract. After the accumulation of time, there will be no appetite in the morning, and the body will lose the best chance of absorbing nutrients. In conclusion, you will experience drowsiness, weakness, mental insufficiency and the symptoms mentioned above.

If the above symptoms occur, please consult with your acupuncturist for more information.

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